The full title is the United Benefice of Lockerley, East Dean, East Tytherley and West Tytherley, For brevity it's often called the benefice. It falls in the Romsey Deanery within the Diocese of Winchester.  The parishes were combined into one benefice in the 1970s.
st johns in 1877 stjohns 1877 tnLockerley's St John the Evangelist's church is perhaps the largest but all four churches have a fair share of services. The sketch is form 1877 and shows the old church before it was replaced.  There is a model of the old church which I think is farily accurate. Check out the potted history of Lockerley's church - follow the navigation - and a review of the other three churches at East Dean Church, East Tytherley Church and West Tytherley Church by clicking on the links.

east dean church eastdean01 tnIn some respects the old Lockerley Church (St John the Baptist) is similar to that of East Dean (St Wynfiþ) which has retained many of its Anglo Saxon details albeit beneath Tudor and Victorian additions that still allow the church to be an intimate space.  Do note that we use one of the two missing letters of the English alphabet in the spelling of this name.  The two missing letters are eth ð and thorn þ. 

church east tytherley etythchsk02 tnSt Peter’s Church in East Tytherley has an interesting history, partly because of the vanished East Tytherley Manor - which used to lie directly south of the church - and because, in earlier times, East Tytherley had a larger population.  Some of the structure is Victorian but some of the more ancient building is still visible.

church of west tytherley westyth02 tn

St Peter’s Church in West Tytherley was built in 1833 - built across the road from its earlier embodiment.  One of the unique features of St Peter’s is the three bells and their frame. One bell is dated as being 14th century, one 1725, but the oldest is from 1260 and is the oldest bell in the world (for full circle ringing)! In 2010, a project was started to restore the frames and rehang the bells so that they could be rung again with the help of the Lockerley Mechanical Society.  The first official ringing of the bells was at 3pm on Sunday 15th January 2012. The bells made it to the BBC’s “from Our Own Correspondent”.

The church holds regular services in the churches in each of the four parishes of Lockerley, East Dean, East Tytherley and West Tytherley.  The list of services is summarised in the newsletter and also maintained at