Police contact in emergency, for example, car accident, burglary in process, violence in progress, helicopter crash - call 999.  If it is not urgent then call 101.  The nearest police service building that operates 24h is in Andover.  The Romsey police station in The Hundred is permanently closed.  A useful site for reference is this link for local police services.

Accident and Emergency Hospitals
The nearest hospitals operating a 24 hour Accident and Emergency (A&E) are located in Southampton General and Salisbury Odstock.  Romsey Hospital does not provide these services. Please consult the NHS helpline or call your doctor's surgery before considering going to a hospital A&E. 

General Practices
If you are resident in the area you should be registered with a General Practitioner (GP) surgery.  Surgeries have operating times usualy between 0830 and 1800 Monday thru' Friday.  Saturday openings may be restricted to the morning - do check.  There are these practices - there is more than one GP present in a practice - from which to choose:
Abbey Meads Surgery, Abbey Meads, Romsey, SO51 8EN, Telephone 017 94 51 42 24  and 017 94 51 78 78
Alma Road Surgery, Alma Road, Romsey, SO51 8ED,  017 94 51 34 22
Broughton and Stockbridge surgery,  There are two surgeries in this group Stockbridge 012 64 81 05 24  and Broughton 017 94 30 12 10

Health Care Assistants
These may have been previously called Registered or District Nurses.  In the past they would have managed home visits where mainentance of health ws required in forms such as bandaging. The service is intended to be provided to those who are really not able to travel - or arrange to travel - to surgeries or local outpatient services - such as Romsey Hospital or their local GP surgery.  Lockerley has a Care Group whose participants are available to take patients to surgeries or hospital outpatients so that the health care assistants work load and stress can be better managed. 

Dental Surgeries
Most dental surgeries require bookings to be made and many operate as private practices open from around 0900 to 1600 on weekdays. Emergency handling is not common
Beauchamp Dental Practice, 100 The Hundred, Romsey, SO51 8BY, 017 94 51 25 50 

General Health and Simple First Aid
Sadly first aid and general health is not intensively taught at schools and most of us only have a smattering of what should be done which may be misguidedly seasoned by "what Granny used to do".  In this more scientific world there some more rigourously definable steps that can be taken.  This link is from the British Red Cross and it is worth downloading onto your Android/ Windows/apple device.  The important bit is that you do not need to have an internet connection to use the information - so crucially it's available to you when you may need it.  There is a similar app from the Bristish Red Cross which is suited to babies and young children.  It's also free, has a teach mode and it is a fairly OK manual.  .