LMS Notes for 2016

December 2016

We had a larger than usual attendance at the hall meeting this month and a lively hubbub ensued. The main topic of discussion was our next outing, sometime in the new year. There were many suggestions but none won an overwhelming majority of support. I will provide a list of possibilities for consideration, something to think about when you've had enough warmth and too many mince pies and fancy getting out for a bit. Suggestions so far have been;

  • Sea City Southampton including the Titanic museum
  • Mary Rose, Warrior etc at Portsmouth (the new Mary Rose display)
  • Glos & Warks railway in the Cotswolds
  • Vulcan bomber at Wellesbourne
  • Bovingdon tank museum (we've been before but they have a big new hall).
  • RAF museum at Hendon
  • De Havilland aircraft museum in Hertfordshire (closed until March)
  • Shepton Mallet car show and jumble is on the 11 & 12 February
  • All these can be googled for more info. We can decide at the next hall meeting which is on the 9th of January at 11.00.
  • Don't forget the Romsey classic car meet on Boxing Day, turn up early if you're exhibiting.

October 2016

A dozen of us enjoyed lunch at the Star at East Tytherley last Monday, most of us partaking of their excellent pie.
Ian Musson has some items for disposal including a centrifugal blower (3 phase), a pipe bender, two bulkhead lights, two tilley lamps and a Wednesbury inversion heating element. No, I don't know what that last one is either, contact Ian if you're interested. We have discussed future visits and are planning one to the Isle of Wight steam railway. Date tba. Tony Morriss (contact above) has for sale a Falcon ladies bike for £25, also a pair of mountain bike wheels with recent tyres. The classic car show at Birmingham NEC is on the 13th of November and Colin is taking his bus. Let him know if you would like to come as places are limited.

September 2016

We had a well attended meeting this month , with change afoot. I have offered the newsletter and chair of meetings for reselection, having done both for several years. Glenn Hunt has kindly volunteered to take the chair but there were no takers for the newsletter so you're all stuck with me for a bit longer. Any offers welcome.
We had a visit from Savinder Bual who is currently the artist in residence at Mottisfont Abbey. She showed us some of her work and sought help in amplifying the sound from a mobile item. There were several offers of assistance.
Chris showed us a plan for a block barrier to keep rain and mud out of the Mottisfont pump house. This is to be considered by the National Trust powers that be so is a possibility for the future.
This months mystery objects turned out to be a ball mill mechanism and an ultrasonic plastic welder after much bafflement.
Two visits came up during September, to Gurston hill climb on Sunday the 11th and the Alan Keef railway workshop near Gloucester on Saturday the 17th. Thanks to Colin and Phil respectively for arranging these. Both came up at short notice and with limited places so apologies to  anyone who missed out. Colin is hoping to have his Austin Healey Sprite in competitive order for next years hill climb season, to be driven by his stepson.

August 2016

Last weekend's toy and model exhibition exceeded expectations with the hall filled with interesting displays spanning seventy years. There were plenty of visitors and with the refreshments over £600 has been raised for hall funds. Allen Mornington West has kindly offered to write it up in detail for the Lockerley village website - Click here to read about it as a PDF document - and any other suitable outlet.We also made the visit to Gaydon car museum which we have been promising ourselves for some time. They have a new building which greatly increases the nimber of vehicles they are able to display and in addition they have taken on a well known collection concentrating on Jaguars. We also had a rather good lunch at the Star at the end of July.I'm sorry there wasn't a newsletter last month, exhibition arrangements evolved in dribs and drabs, the end of the month loomed and then came the delights of jury service. Two dates for your diaries, Wallop Vintage is on next Sunday, the 28th, and Longstock is on the 10 &. 11Th September. Next hall meeting is on the 5th of September at 11.00.  

June 2016

A smaller than usual attendance at this this month's meeting, but a warm welcome to new member Victor Mumby, who once worked for Meccano. The project to clean and paint the Mottisfont pump continues but there is a continuing problem with drainage which may require major remedial work. Difficulty removing water from a pump house, a bit ironic that. The visit to Gaydon car museum is still on the cards but Colin has not been well so we have not been able to set a date yet. We hope to go before the schools break up for the summer holidays. Get well soon Colin. Peter has notified the parish newsletters of surrounding villages about the model exhibition and has arranged printing of flyers costing £35. He will contact the Romsey Advertiser nearer the date. The next exhibition planning meeting will be on Monday followed by lunch at the Star who offer 'a pie and a pint for a tenner'.  It may be the wettest June since Noah's flood but my MZ250 engine is back together and running so it's not all bad news.

 May 2016

There is a treat in store for steam enthusiasts on Saturday when the Flying Scotsman passes through here on a tour of the Salisbury - Southampton - Eastleigh area. It is due to leave Salisbury at 1400 and return at 1600 so will pass through here shortly after and before those times. Check their website for any possible changes. Chris advises that the Mottisfont pump is now partly painted and the next job is to clear the inlet which is near the font. The visit to the car museum at Gaydon in Warwickshire is now scheduled for June, the exact date being subject to availability of Colin's bus. Certainly we should fit it in before the school holidays. West Dean fete is on the 4th of June and includes a classic car display. I have contacted the organisers and they have given LMS five spaces as room is limited. So far there's me, John, Glenn and Peter so one space left. If you're interested let me know. We need to arrive at 1230 and won't be able to get cars out until 1700. On the 25th of June there is the Dene Rally at Ropley with an interesting mix of vehicles, steam and machinery. The Queen's birthday is being celebrated with a party in Lockerley on the afternoon of Saturday the 11th of June and Allan Kirk has asked if LMS would like to participate. Possibilities include helping with setting up, parking and perhaps a classic vehicle display. We can discuss at the next meeting. Future meetings are the 23rd may and 6th of June, 1100 at the hall.

 April 2016

At the last hall meeting we welcomed a new member, John Swinstead from Romsey. In addition we have received a cheque for £50 from the fete committee. I have sent a letter of thanks. Tim Down has asked if anyone would be willing to assist with caretaker duties at the village hall. We discussed the model and toy exhibition (Toyex?) to be held in August and are now in a position to plan in more detail, particularly noting what is likely to be brought and the space required. The tables at the hall come in two sizes, 2' 6" x 6' and 2'6" x 3'.  Could all exhibitors please let me have an idea of whether your own items will require a large or small table, or if less we can arrange sharing. In the case of railways to be brought on their own base boards please let me know the dimensions.
The question was raised as to whether we would be selling items. The intention is that items would be lent for exhibition by owners, as many will be of sentimental value. The hall fundraising aspect will consist of admission, refreshments and perhaps a raffle. Of course if someone likes an exhibit and makes an offer that's up to the owner. Two popular old vehicle events, Awbridge and Andover, are not happening this year following problems with their fields. The Daffodil Run will be passing through Stockbridge on Sunday morning, the 17th.
Drive it day is on the 24th, see local press for details. May bank holiday, the 2nd, sees the air and car show at Popham. We discussed future LMS visits. Suggestions included Gaydon car museum, preserved parts of the Somerset and Dorset Railway, and a narrow gauge line near Wareham. There is currently an exhibition of merchant shipping in Southampton. No decision was taken. There will be a further Toyex planning meeting at the hall on Monday the 18th April at 11.00. Next monthly hall meeting goes back following the bank holiday and as the hall is no longer available on Thursdays it will be on Monday the 9th of May at11.00.

March 2016

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February 2016

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January 2016

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