Notes of our meetings, outings and other works in 2017


December 2017

Last month a party of us visited Crawley for the annual London to Brighton veteran car run. A fascinating collection of vehicles as ever and many of the participants in elaborate period costume. We then headed south along the route and found a nice pub at Staplefield. On our return we were sorry to learn that one entrant had been involved in a serious accident on Reigate hill and the driver has subsequently died. At the hall meeting Derek told us of his recent trek to Nepal and fascinating it looked too, including arrival at the hair raising Nepalese mountain top airport. Barry produced the mystery object, a wooden mould for sand casting railway signs. Ian brought along an arc welder surplus to his requirements but found no takers. Email him if you can use one. We discussed our lunch options. The Star has changed hands and the restaurant and kitchen are currently being renovated. New owner John hopes to have meals available by the end of January. We don't know what the menu will be like yet but we have let him know most emphatically how much we appreciated the 'pie and pint' deal. We could wait for reopening, alternatively the Hatchet was suggested for a change. For a future visit the Salisbury Hall museum was recommended, featuring aircraft by de Havilland. It is not far from the RAF museum at Hendon so we could perhaps visit both. Opening hours are to be confirmed. A remarkable Morris Minor has appeared on ebay. It would be rather fun and isn't expensive.... However it is up in Northumberland which will probably come as a relief to those of you who think I may already have more Morris Minors than is entirely sensible.

October 2017

At the hall meeting earlier this month we discussed a possible visit as we have not had one lately. We considered the parts of the Somerset and Dorset railway which we did not see when last we ventured west, particularly Midsomer Norton, Evercreech and Shillingstone. Phil advises that these places have very limited opening at this time of the year so are probably best left for the spring. The Bishops Castle railway was also recommended for a visit.

Two mystery objects had us guessing, Barry brought a railway block working key and Tony a speed rig for connecting helicopter controls. At the rail group meeting Glenn produced an old model layout for evaluation as a possible future project. It is not too large so could be taken to exhibitions when restored to a show standard. On Sunday the 5th of November the annual veteran car run to Brighton takes place. Colin is available with his bus which can take seven passengers. Email me if you would like a place for viewing in the Crawley area, first come first served. If more want to come we can add a car. To all those who have enquired about my Dnieper, the engine is back together. On line there is a clip of someone starting one of these attached to a pallet, so I'll try that next. On the minus side something has gone wrong in the MZs gearbox, one step forward, two back...

 September 2017

At last Monday's hall meeting we decided it was time for a lunch and we are booked in at the Star for Monday the 18th of September, assembling 12.30 for 1.00. However, the catering facilities at the Star are currently limited so I will have to advise numbers and orders beforehand. Can everyone who would like to come please let me know and also choose please between steak and ale or chicken, gammon and leek pie. I know some of you prefer the curry there and it may be possible to provide this if there is enough interest, but if you would like curry please also state a pie preference as well in case there are not enough takers for curry viability. The railway group meets at the hall on the 18th at 11.00, before the lunch, and next month's hall meeting is 11.00 on the 2nd of October . Sorry the lunch booking is a bit complicated this time but if you turn up unannounced you may just get a pack of crisps!

July 2017

Several members attended the Broughton Pageant of Transport last Saturday, a new event in the local calendar which attracted exhibits ranging from motorised autocycles to military vehicles. It went well, and it's not every event where you can enjoy buffalo burgers. Last month local historian Phoebe Merrick gave an illustrated talk on the early garages of Romsey which was well received, at least by those members who managed to turn up on the right day! Many thanks Phoebe. The proposed exhibition in the autumn has been deferred, maybe until next year. We have however moved a little nearer to identifying a theme, perhaps transport related, 'Things that move'. We can now start to think about what treasures we have stowed away that might be suitable for exhibiting. This month's mystery object, small and spherical, turned out to be a widget, the device that releases bubbles when a can of beer is opened. Mercifully it was not, as some wag suggested, a prosthetic testicle. Notes for the diary, old cars at Kings Somborne on Saturday the 22nd from 2-4. I have no further details but it's not a big place. Classic vehicles are at Breamore on the 13th of August and Wallop vintage is on the 27th. A couple of months ago I mentioned having acquired a Russian motorcycle, a Cossack Dnieper, and thought you might like updates on the project. About forty years ago I had a similar one and the friend I bought it from and I still keep in touch, so this is in the form of e mails on my progress. Chapter one follows.

And this is the letter: : ..., Ian Hello Steve, Hope you are all well. Do you remember congratulating me on not re acquiring our Dnieper from the 1970s? Oh dear, its a long story. Some years ago I visited a friend of a friend in Eastleigh. In a nearby garden sat a sorry looking Dnieper outfit. I mentioned having owned one years ago, was told people had tried to buy it but it wasn't for sale, and so forgot all about it. Yesterday the friend dropped by. The owner is moving and his garden has to be cleared. It is a council house and if departing tenants leave stuff there is a hefty charge for removal. Could I take it on? Free? Could I refuse? What have I got here? Its a late model from 1992 and after about five years it holed a piston. The cylinders were taken off and it never went back together. It wasn't well stored either. I expected the worst when I saw a rod and piston hanging out but to my surprise the crank still turned. The gearbox and wheels weren't seized either. Less promisingly nearly twenty years of damp have wrought havoc on the rest of it. The exhausts have rotted, the chrome is hanging off like shards of tinfoil, the chair has holes in the floor. The wheels are so rusty that I think the rims may be too weak to use. The forks don't move. I filled a bag with all the moss, leaves and cobwebs from it. I already have the MZ in pieces as I decided to get the frame blasted and coated during the winter, so I must finish that first, and theres also a Morris to finish. I think to start with Ill remove the engine to save further deterioration and then decide how far to go with the rest of it. No rest for the wicked!

June 2017

I must apologise for the lateness of the newsletter this month which means rather short notice for two events.
On Sunday the 18th the well known Pendon and Madder valley model railway near Didcot is open to the public and an LMS visit is planned. Meet on Butts Green at 9.15.  Colin and his bus are not available so some cars will be required, depending on numbers.
Local historian Phoebe Merrick gave a talk recently on the early Romsey garages, Mitchells and Wrynams, which was very well received. Unfortunately it clashed with the LMS visit to Birmingham classic car show but Phoebe has offered to give the talk again. I have arranged for us to use the end room at the Star at East Tytherley on Monday the 19th from 7.30.
Monday the 19th also sees the meeting of the railway group at the coffee shop from 1100. Ah, the hectic social whirl!
Lockerley fete is on Saturday the 24th at the Glebe Field. We will be providing Sid and Sally, the scarecrow signs and also a display of classic vehicles. Please be in position before the start at 1.00. 
There are a couple of dates for your diaries. Andover family festival is on Saturday the 1st of July at Charlton Sports centre.  The Broughton Pageant of Transport is on Sunday the 16th of July, see for details. This is a new event and if the name is anything to go by it sounds rather grand. Book your entry free on their website.
The next hall meeting is on the 3rd of July at 1100.

May 2017

We have a lunch booked on Monday the 22nd from 1230 at the Star at East Tytherley, sorry about the short notice, hope to see you there.
Glenn is arranging a visit to the Wadworth brewery at Devizes, the morning visit   starts at 1100 and plenty more to see afterwards. Date to be advised when they can fit us in.
Another visit suggestion is the Pendon and Madder Valley model railway, a permanent exhibition near Didcot. The date for this one is also to be advised, as opening is limited.

April 2017

Last month's visit to Birmingham Classic Car Show was very popular, so much so that Colin had to find a larger bus to take everyone. A good time was had by all, with no impulsive purchases of ruinous project vehicles. Well done. At the hall meeting we discussed the Men and Sheds scheme. Public funding is tempting but would involve bureaucracy, and there seem to be few suitable buildings vacant near Lockerley. We also considered an autumn exhibition at the hall but encountered problems with availability of hall and caterers. We also need to decide what artifacts we have suitable for exhibiting. Maybe next year. Afterwards Marv invited us to view his railway and Mini Cooper projects and fascinating they were. Thanks Marv. Glenn suggested that a visit to the Mini factory at Cowley might be possible, as his son in law is now working there.

Diary dates;

24 April. Rail group meet at hall 11.00

30 April. Daffodil car run through Stockbridge during the morning.

1 May. Popham wings and wheels.

13 May. Awbridge Fete, with classic vehicle display.

13 & 14 May model railway show at Wilton

I have to make a confession here. At the last hall meeting I wrote 'Unimat lathe' on my pad and now cannot for the life of me remember who mentioned it or why. If it requires urgent action please send a group mail. Too many gaffes like this and I might be head hunted for Trump's new press secretary

March 2017

We start this month with a warm welcome to two new members, Dave White and Allan Mechen. Last week's trip to Somerset didn't start very promisingly, it was raining and I had been unable to contact the man with the gearboxes. Nothing daunted we headed west, meeting Somerset and Dorset rail route at Radstock where the local museum of mining and industrial archaeology was closed. However from there we were able to contact the seller, collect the gearboxes and the sun came out. Driving through the lovely rolling Somerset countryside now it is hard to imagine that once this was a major centre for coal mining and industry. A surprising amount of colliery, canal and rail archaeology remains if you know what you are looking for, and thanks to Phil we did. Returning via Radstock the museum had opened and very interesting it was too. We have booked an LMS lunch at the Star at East Tytherley on Monday the 20th March. Meet at 12.30 for 1.00. Their 'pie and pint for a tenner' is very good. This follows a meeting at the village hall coffee shop for model railway enthusiasts, from 11.00. The Daffodil Run for early cars passes through Stockbridge on Sunday the 30th of April, and Awbridge fete (classic cars welcome) is on the 13th of May. The next hall meeting is on the 3rd of April at 11.00. I have an unexpected new project, of which more anon. Are there any fans of Russian motorcycles out there? Happy spannering,

February 2017

lms treaclepot 01tnlms mtg feb17 01tnlms klaxon 01tnThe meeting took place on Monday 6 February and two curious objects were presented for identification ... here they are (answers lower down).

Last Mondays meeting was well attended, with the mystery object from Phil being an ancient pot and tongs from the legendary Lockerley treacle mine. Quite a find, Tony Robinson eat your heart out! We have yet to set a date for the Devizes brewery and canal visit but it will be in the spring as some of it is of course in open air. Ian Musson is disposing of an unused domestic radiator. It is six feet high and about eighteen wide, an unusual size. Contact Ian if you can use it. There are several dates for your diaries. Romsey Model railway exhibition is on the 4th and 5th of March at the Crossfield Hall. On the 31st of March local historian Phoebe Merrick is giving a talk on Wrynams and Mitchells, two of the earliest and longest lasting garages in Romsey. Their origins go right back to the pioneer days of motoring in this area. This is at the town hall at 1415 but unfortunately coincides with the Birmingham car show. The Haynes museum at Wincanton is now hosting old car get togethers on the first Sunday of each month. Apparently the bacon butties are excellent, but as it is a round trip of a hundred miles you would have to be very fond of them! We have an early invitation to display classic vehicles again this year at West Dean fete on the 3rd of June at 1230.  Happy spannering, 

One is a treacle pot - the long lost legendary Lockerley Treacle Pot - with a pair of box jointed treacle tongs.  The other os a klaxon - this one is powered by 240Vac and it really does make a racket.

January 2017

We had another well attended meeting this month and lively discussion ensued. We continued to discuss possible venues for visits and after last months list we came to a decision, well two actually, which turned out to be new ideas altogether. On the 31st of March Colin is taking his bus to the Classic Car Restoration Show at NEC Birmingham. Places are limited and some have been taken already so let him know if you would like to go.
Glenn suggested a visit to Devizes for a tour (and tasting!) at Wadworth's brewery which we can combine with a look at the Caen Hill lock flight and other local items of canal heritage interest. The brewery visit requires booking so the date will be advised in due course.
Michael Bowyer has asked if we can help with securing drain covers at the old army camp site, and it was thought that we might combine this with some metal detecting. Contact Glenn if you would like to join in.
Ian Musson is still clearing out and would like to find a home for 24 concrete blocks, of the regular size.
Some small grants have become available for local groups through the Diocese Community fund. Ideas included the village hall folding door replacement, and also an exterior clock. Offering this to the hall committee they say they can apply directly themselves so there is nothing to be gained by LMS acting as middle men. The grants can also be available for community social functions, but I can't imagine the diocese being willing to fund a visit to a brewery!