walklogo01 tnwalk15 tnThe walkwalk35 tning group was established in 2000 and has more than 60 adherents. It organises a walk roughly each month on a weekend day which usually breaks approximately half way at midday at a convenient pub.  There's also a shorter series of weekday walks roughly each month - in the morning during winter months and in the evening in the summer month.

There is also an annual away days walk that is usually arranged over two to three days in an area some distance from the Lockerley area.  In recent years we have visited Chepstow (2018), Bridport (2017), Brixham (2016), Shaftesbury (2014), Tarwith Sands (2013), Midhurst and Petworh (2012), Eastbourne and the Downs (2011), Lyme Regis (2009), Alresford (2007). 

Each walk is usually announced in the newsletter and on the diary page (check it out now!).   A well attended annual event is the AGM which sees a wide range of walkers come for the skittles and lunch - some of whom do the sporting thing and walk in the morning.   

Footpaths around East Dean Hill

When the former RNAD Depot at Dean Hill was sold in 2005, very little effort was made beforehand to resolve the status of public Rights of Way which had existed before the land was compulsorily purchased in the 1930s. Thanks to the sterling efforts of East Dean Parish Council and a number of local people, Hampshire County Council [who are the Rights of Way authority and maintain the Definitive Map of RoWs] were finally persuaded to remedy this and eventually made an Order modifying the Definitive Map to include those footpaths and byways which were considered to have existed in the past.  A public inquiry is scheduled to be held in Farley village hall on 6 November and the following link should take you the location of the formal notice ... the same document is available here and it includes the map of the relevant area. The Notice of Order which includes the map of the footpaths can be seen here:


Susie notes, however, that Harving Ltd [who own the former Depot] and a number of other interested parties objected to that Order and it therefore has to be decided by an Inspector appointed by the Secretary of State. The Inspector will hear the arguments on both sides at the above Inquiry scheduled for 3 days in November. It is not obvious why the Planning Inspectorate decided to hold it in Wiltshire! The issues are complex and technical and the statements of case of HCC and the various objectors can be found [URL to be provided].

You might have noticed copies of the Order and maps showing the proposed RoWs stuck to telegraph poles and gateposts along East Dean Road. Basically Harving Ltd accept that there were a number of public RoWs before the compulsory purchase but argue that they were permanently extinguished at that time. Others dispute that some of the tracks were ever public RoWs at all. The Lockerley Walking Group have registered an interest in the Inquiry and indicated that we would support the Order being made. However we cannot really make any relevant submissions on the points of law at issue. The fact that many local people would like to be able to walk across Dean Hill once more is not a matter that the Inspector can take into account legally. However, I do urge people to attend if and when they can so that the Inspector can see that it does concern local people. The proceedings are quite likely to be slow and fairly tedious so you might want to ensure that you have plenty of caffeine in your system beforehand. If you have any further questions or are finding it difficult to access the documentation online please contact me Susie Owers at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A number of Statements of Case in PDF format can be accessed by clicking on the following  links.  At my first reading they would appear throrough.  You should note that that these documents are provided under the condition that they are used to inform yourself and that they are not invitiations to contact their authors directly; that would be part of the process of the Public Inquiry. 

[1]  211B - Case Officer - Harry Goodchild - 10 Oct 2018.pdf
[2]  Dean - Proof of Evidence - final version.pdf
[3]  NRIL-Amanda Ingram-HCC (Final).pdf
[4]  NRIL-Damian -Hajnus-PoE-HCC.pdf
[5]  NRIL-Jerry-Greenwood-PoE-HCC.pdf
[6]  R Carr Proof final.pdf

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