carelogo01 tnThe Thorngate Village Care group supports the four villages of East and West Tytherley, East Dean and Lockerley. It was formed in 1992 when it became apparent that some people were falling through the net of support previously provided by either social services or local family members.

Who are we?

We comprise a team of around 30 volunteers who believe that community starts with us. We are all DBS checked and have appropriate car insurance. We are supported by the Good Neighbours Network New volunteers are most welcome.
What do we do?

Most requests involve taking people by car to appointments at hospitals or local surgeries or accessing shops, post office or village coffee shop. The group sends flowers to those who have come out of hospital, had a baby or been bereaved, and need support. We can help with other one-off or more unusual requests as needed. We support an annual community garden party in the grounds of Green View Care home.

How are we funded?

We are supported by grants from Test Valley Borough Council and the local Parish Councils in addition to fundraising and donations by users of the service. Volunteers can claim mileage expenses for journeys they undertake.
You can contact us?through our co-ordinators or through the form on this page.

Co-ordinators include Julie 017 94 34 08 50 (West Tytherley),  Peggy 017 94 34 00 84, Fiona 017 94 34 10 98, Mary 07890 54 36 55 and Liz 017 94 34 09 93 (Lockerley and East Dean) who respond to requests for help and liaise with the volunteers.
If you would like to contact one of the organisers of the care group please use the form below.